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German-African "Gold Social Pool 2020+"

Give gold a multiple social meaning!


Hello, my friends for our crowdfunding project 2020+ have come up with something special as a thank you. Yes, we will make a "Super Raffle" at the end. You can participate here via PayPal, or under this crowdfunding link.

Click here for the crowd funding project 2020+:


Yes and here is our super deal for all donors.
Anyone who has made a donation from the table below can take part in the raffle draw. However, there is no legal claim to this draw. 
Hello my friends
I would like to introduce you to a crowd-funding project where you also have a good chance of having some fun with it.
Yes, we are going to draw a raffle draw at the end of our crowd funding project. It will be supervised by a notary and will be drawn by invited donors. What you can get in luck is described here in a list. Also, I hope everyone will enjoy it, because we are all providing multiple social benefits with this crowd-funding project, Gold from Africa!
 Who one
Donation of .... EURO makes, 
can at the raffle on these draws
take part
Lot - number
 non-cash assets   
                5,00 € 5.000         15,00 €      
              10,00 € 1.000         25,00 €      
              30,00 € 500      1 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
              50,00 € 250      2 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
              75,00 € 100      3 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
            100,00 € 50      4 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
            250,00 € 25      10 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
            500,00 € 10      50 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
         1.000,00 € 5      500 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
         2.000,00 € 3      1000 g fine gold 999.9 carat with certificate 
  2     2 trips for each - 2 people to the gold mines in Africa and the safari park business class flight and various hotels. From the star hotel to the mud hut, all hotel classes are included. If there is a handicap winner, we will discuss it with this winner.
To all donation participants!

I thank you for all the donations and you are always there with us as we implement everything. Also hope for a big participation. Please use the e-mail addresses or the specified mobile phone number for the stored languages.

Your Dieter
  For 5,00 €


  For 10,00 €


  For 30,00 €


  For 50,00 €


  For 75,00 €


  For 100,00 €


  For 250,00 €


  For 500,00 €


  For 1.000,00 €


  For 2.000,00 €


The use

Give multiple benefits for Africa with this crowd-funding project Gold from Africa!


·      Obtain for yourself and improve the purchasing power and value preservation of your savings - that serves
        Your safety!

·      Improve their social situation for the people in the mine region in Africa
       sustainable support projects

That might be interesting for you, if ...

·       You want to own the purchasing power of your savings

·       You want to hedge against currency risks, inflation and crises,

·       You want to increase your savings directly, safely and without detours

·       You regularly want to realize an above-average return,

·       You want to realize personal wishes or upcoming investments faster,
        and if

·       At the same time, they also serve other people as a sustainable, social service
        would like.


your support

... as a donor

You are cordially invited to donate to this crowd-funding project "Gold Social Pool 2020+". As a recognition you always receive the latest news of the project. This makes you a part of the project.


... as a buyer / seller

From a donation amount of ...... Euro you will be treated like a buyer / seller of gold (not as an investor!) And receive gold or optionally a regular return.

What do we do with your money?

We use your money to mine gold in Africa's gold mines and process it into salable gold bars in various stages. We then bring these to Germany or Switzerland. There you could then take your gold bars and store them in a safe deposit box.


What is your income?

You receive gold (are buyers)

You receive our mine gold with a corresponding certificate as so-called "investment gold" (VAT exempt) delivered, either directly with a fineness from 995.1 / 1000 or on request with 999.9 / 1000 from one of our Scheideanstalten in Europe.

You receive return (are buyers & sellers)

But you can only take your return of 10% when selling the gold with a corresponding discount compared to the current gold price (London Gold Fixing), and that per delivery. You then receive your return in the form of gold or in the form of money (Euro). If you want, you can then use this money to buy gold again through our pool to replicate that return on the next delivery, and so on ...

Your support as a donor

You can always support this crowd-funding project, this German-African "Gold Social Pool 2020+" with your donation. These donations are then remunerated internally in November of each year with 6% and this 6% remuneration is then donated in equal parts for aid projects in Germany and in Africa.


General background information to buyers

As a buyer, you only pay 90% of the current gold price, which is 10% below the current market price. The 10% is your return. This 10% return to every buyer is only possible because we get the gold from the ground, even with the locals and our employees. How hard and risky the reduction on the ground is for the health, I have already experienced. We will therefore adapt all work in our mines step by step to standard occupational safety in Germany.


At the end of the project, the renaturation of the mining areas, i. The pits are backfilled with the overburden and then renatured or used for agriculture, so that the locals get the opportunity to farm the land sustainably and to achieve yields. In addition to the drilling of wells and the supply of water, this includes planting e.g. with coconut palms. Donations are also welcome for this part of the project.



For English questions, please contact us by e-mail at
Mobile: +49 176 57733577

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